Hola! I'm Juhli 


the holistic hedonist, little miss diy girl and artist

   Well thank you for joining me.

   Five years ago I embarked on this journey; this road to wellness. I was feeling like a bag of shit! Didn't know what was wrong with me but my liver hurt, I couldn't get off the couch other than to work, my joints hurt, I was celiac, and my thyroid meds kept having to be upped with no discernable difference in how I was feeling.. I was terrified so quit drinking and decided that only I was gonna be able to fix this mess! 

   Bought myself a juicer and started eating healthy. Couldn't believe the difference. Really started to feel better. After 3 months i had dropped 25 lbs and decided booze was ok again. It wasn't. Who knew lol.

    Found an easy youtube yoga sequence that I could do which also helped.

Then found singleness and solo travel, fantastic people, and an abundant life. Painting came back as did my love of nature . Foraging came naturally along with my love of food. also am cheap as fuck so free food is always good lol.

    I have a lot of knowledge stuck in this brain that I feel driven to share. Maybe what I''ve learned can help others. I sure hope so! Yes I know I have a mouth like a trucker. If it offends you, fuck off ( in the nicest way possible]. Look to the intention . Peace and blessings to you all!

feasting, foraging, fucking and following your bliss